News 10/20/2016

Minister Kuburovic: Acceptance into the International Union of Notaries as confirmation of good performance over the past two years


Nela Kuburovic - the Justice Minister – stated today in Paris, where she participated in the work of the 28th International Congress of Notaries, that the admission of the Public Notary Chamber of Serbia to the International Union of Notaries was a testament to the new judicial profession [of public notaries] having progressed in the previous two years since it was introduced into the Serbian judicial system. “This suggests that all the Union’s admission requirements have been met over the last few years “, she said.


Kuburovic explained that in the previous period, the Union’s Committee had visited Belgrade three times to determine what Serbia’s legal framework was or whether the public notarial profession and practice had been adequately implemented in Serbia.


Minister Kuburovic said that the acceptance into the International Union of Notaries was also a stepping stone for Serbia to join the European Notarial Network, thus making Serbia an Observing Member until it joins the European Union.


The Minister took the opportunity of being at the Congress to discuss other matters concerning the Ministry with the French Justice Minister.


The International Union of Notaries was established in 1948. Its objective is to promote, coordinate and develop the notarial profession and activities in the world. The Public Notary Chamber of Serbia was admitted to the Union as its 87th full member.


The International Congress of Notaries in Paris is due to last until October 22.