Today, Nela Kuburovic – the Justice Minister – visited two public bailiff offices in Nis, discussing with the bailiffs about the effects of the new Enforcement and Security Procedures Act, in force since July 1, 2016.

Kuburovic said that the statute awarded public bailiffs much wider powers than what they had previously had and, consequently, greater accountability. “Firstly, they have been granted competencies for practically all enforcement procedures, unlike the courts which are currently conducting enforcement proceedings concerning family relations and reinstatement of employees“, she explained.

She stressed that the Ministry of Justice, in accordance with its competences, had reinforced its supervision over the work of public bailiffs so to ensure no oversights or abuses are made in their performances. “The Ministry Disciplinary Committee has been very diligent lately: there have been approximately 23 disciplinary procedures conducted with bailiffs subject to disciplinary actions”, Kuburovic said.

She added that there had been different oversights by certain bailiffs, from procedural - which involved lack of equipment and keeping accurate records - to major shortcomings and   serious disciplinary offences, such as a deliberate misapplication of the Public Bailiffs Fees Tariff. Minister Kuburovic emphasised that the Ministry of Justice had recently relived four bailiffs of duty on the basis of the Disciplinary Committee’s decisions.

Kuburovic added that the Ministry of Justice would continue to follow the work by public bailiffs, in order to enhance their accountability and work transparency.