Today, Nela Kuburovic – the Justice Minister – visited theBasic Court and the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac, as well as the Judicial Unit in Sokobanje.

During the visit, Kuburovic acknowledged the judicial bodies’ excellent results, primarily those of the Basic Court in Aleksinac whose judges had a very high number of finalised cases in all areas of law, which was additionally supported by the Supreme Court of Cassation statistics. “In the next five days, the Serbian Government will be visiting the Nis District, whereas today, the Ministry of Justice begun its activities at the Basic Court in Aleksinac with the work of which I am very pleased“, Kuburovic commented. She added that she was also pleased with the conditions in which the judges and the administrative staff were working at the court.

Minister Kuburovic pointed out that the working conditions at the Judicial Unit in Sokobanja were also good, but that the Unit was experiencing greater back log of cases considering that there were two judges presiding over all of the proceedings. She added that she hoped that these judges, too, would finalise their cases in satisfactory numbers.

In speaking with the management of these judicial bodies, Kuburovic stressed that one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Justice was to strengthenthe infrastructural capacities so to firstly ensure good working conditions for judges and administrative staffand increase the work capacity. “The aim is that each judge has his/her own court-room, schedules hearings as soon as possible, that we facilitate as many court days as possible and, thus, allow citizens to receive judgements in the shortest time possible”, Kuburovic specified.

She also said that in the current year, the Ministry of Justice was completing many projects, but that it was also initiating the implementation ofmanyinfrastructural projects, such as the refurbishment of the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade and the construction of buildings for the Misdemeanour Courts in Pozarevac and Pancevo.

The Minister stated that the Basic Court in Aleksinac had demonstrated that, together with the Ministry of Justice, it could create good working conditions.Nebojsa Colic, the President of the Basic Court in Aleksinac, thanked the Justice Minister for the assistance in renovation the court building, confirming that the building façade was being done at that moment and that the building had in the meantime already been climatised, the floors changed, the sanitary block fixed аnd all the furniture replaced.

“We renovated the court so that it can operate well. As for the cases, improvements can always be made so that justice is equally accessible to all the citizens of Aleksinac, Razanj and Sokobanja“, Colic stated.

In Aleksinac and Sokobanja, Minister Kuburovic also spoke with the management of the two municipalities.