Today, Nikola Selakovic – Justice Minister visited the construction site of the facility which shall accommodate the Misdemeanour Court and the Commercial Court in Uzice. On the occasion, he announced that the courts ought to move to the new premises within 13 months.

He stressed that it was the first time the Republic of Serbia was constructing a building purposely for the requirements of a commercial court, adding that it being specifically for the Commercial Court in Uzice was no accident.

In his own words, the Commercial Court in Uzice had showed the best results amongst other commercial courts in Serbia. The judges of not only that court, but also the Appellate Commercial Court, were amongst those judges of whom the Serbian judiciary may be proud.

“The best working conditions create opportunities for the best results to be achieved", the Minister stated and recalled that up until that point, the Misdemeanour Court and the Commercial Court in Uzice did not have their own facilities.

“The Commercial Court is still in a building shared between the Basic and the Higher Prosecutor’s Office in Uzice”, Selakovic said. He emphasised that the new building would have around 3,500 gross square metres and close to 2,600 square metres of usable space.

According to Selakovic, the construction of the new facility shall unburden the existing building for the operation of judicial organs, whereby each judge shall have his/her own courtroom, it would be possible for trials to be conducted every day and the clerk’s offices [for submissions] would no longer be pilled-up with paper, but they would be organised in the best possible manner.

He added that opportunities for much better working conditions in the Basic and the Higher Prosecutor’s Office in Uzice would be created. The new premises would be at the disposal of these Offices which will allow them to conduct more quality prosecutorial investigations- which were introduced in Serbia with the application of the new Criminal Procedure Code.

The contractually agreed cost of the construction works shall be 148.8 million dinars, excluding the VAT. The contractor shall be construction company ”Zlatibor – izgradnja Beograd” a.d. Beograd [Zlatibor – construction Belgrade, joint venture Belgrade].