News 06/01/2016

Nis Prison Story Prison Prayer Won the "Golden Knight" Award

“A short documentary film Prison Prayer by Miljan Gogic, produced by Adria Media Group, has won the Golden Knight Award at 25th International Festival in Crimea.

Prison Prayer is a story from the prison in Nis; a story of convicts who spent full seven years being committed to the reconstruction of the prison church, which was built in 1934 by King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

After World War II, the church in the Nis prison complex was for decades used for all but its intended purpose. At one point, it was even used as a kitchen.

Seven years ago, the convicts, comic book artists and tattoo artists restored the church and painted murals on its walls with "their prayers and silent struggle"- as the convicts like to say.

The church was given a new life by the hands of over 400 convicts, many of whom were not of Christian Orthodox faith.

The film lasts 19 minutes and the team of authors, aside Gogic, make Antonije Vulovic and Vladimir Zujko-cameramen, Branko Maksimovic-editor and Ivan Tanaskovic- in charge of the image post-production. The film was enriched with the music by Svetislav Bozic, Mihajlo Radovic and Milos Punisic, while the sound post-production was done by Branko Topalovic.

At the Crimea Golden Knight Festival, 190 films from over 20 countries were shown.

The Golden Knight is one of the most significant film festivals which is being organised by, among others, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and sponsored by Vladimir Putin – the President of the Russian Federation, Nikita Mikhalkov – a famous filmmaker, Nikolay Burlyaev - a famous Russian actor, including the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia”, Adria Media Group emphasised.

Source: Tanjug